Precision from the very start

Quality-assured assembly of window modules

We are continuously working on improved processes and new technologies for glass coating and molded parts. The system concept determines our strategy in this respect. Based on cooperation with designers, technicians and engineers, we provide you with solutions and proposals to help you make the right decision at all times. Our facilities are certified in accordance with the relevant quality and environmental standards.

Research at Fritz

Focus on innovation

We invest in the future and continuously research new materials and processes. The system concept is the primary consideration to ensure key participation in future trends in the automotive industry.

Global thinking

Richard Fritz GmbH + Co. KG is a company with a regional footprint as well as being a global partner within a worldwide collaborative network of competent suppliers in the automotive industry. This combination provides flexibility when responding to customer orders, while the quality of our product development is guaranteed even for large volumes. In this way, we can accommodate regional customer requirements without any problems and offer globally matched solutions in collaboration with our partners on a customer-specific basis.