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Glass Encapsulation

Technology leadership through research and development

The main requirement for windows is to ensure an all-round view of the road and the surroundings as good as possible. Demands on the functionality and design of the windows are continually increasing. It is not only necessary to provide complex shapes, but trouble-free operation must also be guaranteed over many years,in respect to any temperature and weather conditions.

Additional functions are increasingly being incorporated into windows, such as the fixing of decorative strips and panels, electrical connections and assembly aids for driver assistance systems. . Thanks to our research and development, we can offer design solutions as well as solutions in the materials and process engineering field – and this requires a high level of technological expertise.

Our encapsulation products

  • ​Encapsulated side windows with thermoplastics and elastomers (TPE, PVC, EPDM, PUR)
  • Encapsulated windshields and backlites with TPE and PUR
  • Encapsulation of glass elements for sun roofs with integral stiffening
  • Fitting of attachments (mounting plates for light and rain sensors, cameras, third stop light, guide elements, retainers)