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​ ​Quality ​​poli​cy

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and fulfil their expectations.

We achieve this by offering products and services of ex​​cellent quality.

Our guidelines and processes are based on international standards, customer requirements, our know-how and our many years of experience.

Our commitment to this policy is the foundation for our quality​.

Our ​motto

Striving for quality is the duty​​ of every individual
– from the managing director to the trainee.

For us, quality means doing things right fro​​m the very outset.

We focus on quality in man​​agement, design and production – reducing costs, boosting our efficiency, protecting the environment and conserving resources.

We also select our suppliers based on ​their high standards of quality.

We demand just as much from them as we do from ourselves


By avoiding mistakes we mak​e it unnecessary to rectify them later.

We apply preventive methods and tools for​​ quality assurance.

We learn from mistakes and find ways to e​liminate their causes.

This enables us to make continuous improvements in​​ quality.

Integrated Manage​ment System